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Revised 05/2018 

Use of Multifunction School Activity Bus (MFSAB)

Multifunction School Activity Buses (MFSAB) have been officially designated as a class of school bus by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Department of Transportation (DOT).  The Aurora Public School (APS) District Transportation Department maintains a pool of MFSABs that are available primarily to transport students to events and activities sanctioned by the District other than route operations.  These buses are designed to carry 14 passengers and one driver.  Per DOT regulations, since these buses carry fewer than 16 passengers, they can be operated by a driver without a commercial driver’s license; however, MFSAB operators must be properly trained by the APS Transportation Department.  The use of MFSAB’s is governed by 1 Colorado Code of Regulations 301-25 and 301-26, Colorado Department of Education (CDE) rules and regulations applicable to student transportation, as well as the CDE School Bus Driver Training Manual.

Check Map to see if your trip requires a Mountain Trained MFSAB Driver Mountain Training Terrain Map

 Activity Trip Operator

MFSABs are limited to use only by a qualified Activity Trip Operator with MFSAB training conducted by the APS Transportation Department.  Additionally, Activity Trip Operators must receive specialized training if they will be operating an MFSAB in the mountains.  APS schools/departments/organizations can request and schedule MFSAB training from the APS Transportation Department by contacting Sue Gordon at extension 28805/ Evan Harrison at extension 28835 or Tim Ingbretson at extension 28818.  The upcoming training classes for 2015-16 school year will be held on:


MFSAB Classes 2018-19 School Year

 June 29 - 8:30-2:30

July 13 - 8:30-2:30

July 30 - 8:30-4:00 Mountain Class

September 14 - 8:30-2:30

October 12 - 8:30-4:00 Mountain Class (weather permitting)

October 17 - 8:30-2:30

October 19 - 8:30-2:30

November 21 - 8:30-2:30

December 21 - 8:30-2:30

January 4 - 8:30-4:00 Mountain Class (weather permitting)

January 4 - 8:30-2:30

March 8 - 8:30-2:30

March 25 - 8:30-2:30

March 29 - 8:30-4:00 Mountain Class (weather permitting)

No parking on the West side of building.  If lot is full, park on 1st Avenue behind the Ped. Sign.

Per CDE regulations, the following are minimum requirements for an Activity Trip Operator & the necessary paperwork required to sign up for a training course:

  1. Shall possess a valid Colorado operator’s license.
  2. Shall be at least 21 years of age.
  1. All applicants must request their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and submit it to Marcy Herron  at APS Risk Management at least two weeks prior to the start of your class.
  2. You must submit the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Medical Information Questionnaire Form  (STU-17 (7/09)) If you answer yes to any question, you must have a Dr.’s note clearing you to drive. This form must be submitted to Sue Gordon / Evan Harrison/ Tim Ingbretson APS Transportation two weeks prior to the start of your class.
  3. Upon receipt of your Medical Information Questionnaire and approved MVR, you will be notified from APS Transportation that you are cleared to attend the course. You will receive this notification at least one week before the start of your class.
  4. You will receive and must pass MFSAB training from the APS Transportation Department.
  5. You will receive and must pass the CDE Small Vehicle / Multifunction Bus Operator Written Test from APS Transportation.  This is the link to study for the written test: SMALL VEHICLE RULES AND REGULATIONS
  6. Shall complete specialized mountain training if operating the MFSAB in the mountains.
  7. Shall meet qualification standards and insurance coverage as required by APS.

Footnote:    You will not be admitted to attend the scheduled class if you will arrive 10 minutes or later than the class start time. You will need to re-schedule with the Training department for the next available class.

Responsibilities of Activity Trip Operators and the requesting School / Organization

  • Safety of all passengers/vehicle occupants will be the first priority of all Activity Trip Operators.
  • Understand and comply with the current edition and applicable provisions of 1 Colorado Code of Regulations 301-26, Colorado State Board of Education, Department of Education.
  • Scheduling of MFASB(s) with the APS Department of Transportation for use as necessary.
  • Conduct vehicle pre-trip inspection. Report all defects to the APS Transportation Department Fleet Manager. 
  • Brief all passengers on emergency evacuation procedures prior to departure.
  • Ensure that all luggage is secured in the luggage space and that all passengers are wearing seat belts if the vehicle is equipped.
  • Ensure passenger/student conduct is consistent with safe vehicle operating practices and CDE Regulations.
  • Clean and fuel the MFASB prior to parking in the Transportation Department lot.
  • Park the MFSAB in designated parking spaces on the south side of the Transportation Department maintenance facility upon return.
  • Complete post-trip inspection; document any damage or vandalism.


Costs of MSFAB’s 

A fee of $25 per day and $0.49 per mile after the first 50 miles will be charged for MSFAB usage by the scheduling school/organization.  Cleaning costs of $25 will be assessed if the bus is not properly cleaned after use.  Additionally, costs will be assessed for vandalism or vehicle repairs that are not routine in nature.  Examples include: brake repairs due to overheating on steep mountain grades, seat tears resulting from student vandalism, dented bumper due to the operator backing into a post, etc.  Finally, the Activity Trip Operator is responsible for any tolls or fines imposed while driving the MSFAB or any district vehicle.

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