To request a change in pick up or drop off locations, or for any other concerns with your student's special needs transportation please contact the Transportation scheduling Dept. at 303-326-1986


Transportation Department                         Special Needs Related Services


The Department of Transportation is committed to providing the highest level of service and support for students with disabilities. Our goal is to ensure a safe, efficient, professional, and on-time bus route to and from school for all students. This will enhance the positive learning environment for each student on a daily basis.

A parent, guardian or designated adult must meet the bus when driver instructions indicate that the student cannot be left unattended. The responsible adult must be seen at the door of the bus before the student is released.

To fully support our mission Aurora Public Schools Transportation utilizes two third-party private contractors, American Logistics Company and HopSkipDrive [see below] to provide services to families of students with special needs, and foster families.

For students identified for special needs services, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) designation will determine if your child requires transportation. The Department of Transportation must receive complete and accurate information regarding your student’s special needs from the Exceptional Student Services department to ensure safe transportation.

In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) all personal information regarding students is strictly confidential.

To report changes regarding your child’s information such as a new address, phone number, etc. please notify Central Admissions and/or the school.   Please give five full school days’ notice for changes in your child’s pick-up or drop-off location to allow time to make scheduling adjustments. Drivers are not permitted to change or modify a bus route. The Scheduling Department must approve all changes. Until such changes can be made, the parent or guardian may be responsible for transporting the student if necessary.  



It is the responsibility of the parent, guardian or person designated by the parent, to meet the bus at the scheduled drop off time each afternoon to take responsibility of the student. Please make certain the school and transportation has your current emergency numbers. Failure of the parent or guardian to have a responsible person meet the bus will be handled in the following manner:

  • The driver will radio the transportation office to report no one is home to receive the student.
  • The dispatcher will attempt to reach a parent or other individual designated in the student information system, Infinite Campus, as the Emergency Contact person.
  • If no contact is made then the student will be transported to the Transportation office located at 160 Airport Blvd, Aurora CO 80011.
  • An authorized family member or guardian must go to the Transportation office to pick up their student. 
  • If the parent or guardian cannot be reached within one hour after the scheduled drop-off time or at 5:00pm whichever comes first, Aurora Police Department will be contacted along with the Department of Human Services.

NOTE: Department of Human Services will be notified immediately after the third occurrence.


American Logistics Company (ALC)

American Logistics Company (ALC) is an approved vendor Aurora Public Schools is using to transport students. Students are provided the same level of transportation as a bus, but  ALC supplements districts’ transportation programs using SUVs, mini-vans, wheelchair accessible vans and sedans to assist in transporting special need students that are outside the coverage area for a regular bus, and hard-to-serve out of district and multi-district requirements.  For more information please visit the ALC website at

APS Transportation has worked closely with ALC to develop a list of policies and procedures that will allow us to deliver safe, prompt, and professional service.  ALC No Show and Cancelation policy


Hop Skip Drive (HSD)

HopSkipDrive has a proven track record you can count on.  We use purpose-built, cutting-edge technology to make managing complicated logistics easier and worry-free. Students are provided the same level of transportation as a bus but HopSkipDrive supplements district transportation with SUV's mini-vans, and cars to assist in transporting our McKinney Vento and Foster students that are outside the coverage area for a regular bus .   We put safety first, from industry-leading driver vetting to our dedicated SafeRides Support team watching over every ride.    Safety starts with who’s behind the wheel.  With a 15-point certification process, we check (and double check) every box.   CareDrivers must have at least 5 years of care giving experience, are fingerprinted, and go through FBI and DOJ background checks, as well as ongoing DMV checks.
We make it easy for schools to improve outcomes while reducing costs. With HopSkipDrive, we can handle  transportation needs with total visibility, flexibility, and reliability.  For further information on HopSkipDrive, please visit:
APS Transportation has worked closely with HopSkipDrive to develop a list of policies and procedures that will allow us to deliver safe, prompt, and professional service.