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For after hours emergencies please call APS Security Office at: 303-367-3060


Call the Department's Main # first and then enter the extension:

MAIN # 303-326-1986  x28801 or press "0"
Fax # 303-326-1977

  • Report a special needs child not riding today, have questions about bus arrival times, or have questions concerning buses arriving at a school for a field trip please call:
  • Lost or misplaced personal items left on the bus:

Dispatcher & Activity/Athletic Schedulers    

  • Stephanie Gass x28812
  • Daniel Rivera  x28862
  • Kristin Moore x28826
  • DISPATCH IS AVAILABLE M-F 5:30AM - 5:30PM          TEMPORARY HOURS EFFECTIVE TILL 01/01/2021  7:00AM - 3:30PM
  • Questions about Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) certification and testing please call:
  • For more (MFSAB) information view Trip Info. tab at top of the page.
  • Please fax Motor Vehicle Record to Risk Management.
  • Hiring information please call x28819 and leave your name and number and position applying for (Bus Driver / Bus Paraeducator) or apply online at and click on Work for APS

Trainer, Transportation  

  • For questions regarding Bus Drivers &/or bus Paraeducators, please call the appropriate Supervisor:


  • Questions regarding setting up a Field Trip or Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB)please call:

Dispatcher & Activity/Athletic Scheduler    

  • For information regarding transportation scheduling and routes including phone and address changes, questions on pickup and drop off times, or cancellation of services please call:

Transportation Schedulers

  • To apply to be a bus driver or bus paraeducator please apply online at or for further assistance contact:

Training, Transportation - Hiring information for school bus drivers and paraeducators

  • Vacant (Lead Trainer) x28819
  • Concerns about student behavior on the bus
  • Student Management

Transportation Coordinators

* Fleet Maintenance (Shop)

Fleet Maintenance