Transportation Information

Bus Rules



Arrive 5 minutes early and ready to board.

Listen & Follow Directions, keep hands and feet and objects to self

Remember all personal items

Stay seated until bus stops



Wait in line out of Danger Zone & private property

Share your seat & Make safe choices

Use inside classroom voice & behavior

Get off at your assigned stop, stay out of the Danger zone



Wait in line behind curb & enter single file when door is opened

Move to allow others to exit safely

Know your Route number

Sit seat to seat & back to back

Use Kind Words and move allow others to exit safely

Stay seated while on the bus & Know emergency exits

Use hand rail when exiting & cross 10 steps in front of bus


Parent Responsibility

The District Administration and Board of Education expect parents to provide proper supervision for their children in the morning and afternoon.  If you or authorized family members are not at home or at the bus stop when the bus arrives with your student your child will be returned to the transportation office at 160 Airport Blvd for pickup.  The driver will not exit the bus and knock on your door NOR make a second trip back to the home.   Transportation personnel will make every attempt to contact you or family members and inform them to come to the Transportation office to receive your child.  If Transportation personnel are unable to reach you or family members the Aurora Police Department and/or the APS Security office will be notified. If a family member, guardian, or designated person doesn't come to Transportation to pick up the student/s then THEY WILL TRANSPORT YOUR CHILD TO THE APPROPRIATE SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT, WHERE YOUR STUDENT WILL BE SUPERVISED PENDING YOUR ARRIVAL.   PLEASE NOTE THAT APD / APS SECURITY WILL FILE A REPORT OF THE SITUATION AND MAY ISSUE A TICKET FOR NEGLECT.  



For more information please contact a Transportation Coordinator at 303.326.1986

  • Candace Harrison x28868
  • Lawrence Hilburn x28804
  • Caitlyn Nemec x28817
  • Heather Cooper-Naumann x28863