Waiting at your Bus Stop

Bus StopStudents should arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the pickup time, no earlier.  Students should wait on the sidewalk at least 3 feet away from the curb, and should not play in the street or tamper with private property.   When the bus is in sight, students should line up and stand still.  Students who wait on the opposite side of the street must wait for the bus to come to a complete stop, (listen for the big "shhhh" sound of the airbrake) and for a hand signal from the driver, signaling the waiting students to begin crossing the street.  It is very important to not "rush" toward or push others as the bus pulls up to the stop.  Students should report any concerns that they may have with other students at the stop, or activity around or near the bus stop, to the bus driver when they board the bus.  The bus driver is their confidant.  We appreciate parents supporting the drivers, who have a very important safety sensitive job, and educating their student to be respectful of their bus driver's requests.  The driver works closely with their supervisor and the Behavior Management Specialists of the transportation department regarding any concerns that jeopardize any student's safety, whether on the bus or at the bus stop.  The school district works closely with the Aurora Police and Traffic Departments regarding any concerns that may warrant their involvement.

Getting off the bus at your Bus Stop

After getting off the bus, never cross the street behind the bus.  If you need to cross the street, walk 10 big steps away from the front of the bus where the driver can see you and wait on the sidewalk for the bus driver's hand signal before stepping into the street directly in front of the bus.  Before walking past the bumper of the bus look to your left past the left side of the bus. Look for any cars which may not have stopped and are trying to pass the bus, before stepping into the oncoming lane.  Never try to retrieve an object, school paper, book, toy, or any object from under the bus or bus tire.

Warm ClothesInclement Weather & School Bus Transportation  

When the roads are icy, or during a strong snow storm, the bus may be running late.  All bus stops will be serviced even in bad weather (unless schools are closed), however the bus may be impeded by the weather and traffic.  Students should be prepared, in layered winter clothing, to wait at the bus stop for up to 20 minutes past the pickup time, for a late running bus.  Every student should have a contingency plan to follow if the bus does not arrive after waiting at the bus stop for over 20 minutes.  This plan should include the ability to get back into their home, or into another student's home who has also had to wait at the stop, a"buddy's" home nearby, where there may be an adult home.  After returning inside the student should call their parent, or another responsible adult, as soon as possible.


If our district closes schools or delays start times, announcements will be made on local television and radio stations, on the APS Emergency Line, 303-326-1080, and sent to parent phones using Connect-Ed. 

Delayed Start Times:  Should APS staff make the decision to delay school, the school day would begin one hour later than normal.  Staff members are expected to arrive at school as close to their regular start time as is safely possible.   

APS school buses will pick-up students one hour later than normal.  Our top priority is to keep students and staff as safe as possible.  PLEASE NOTE:  A delayed start does not change regular pick-up times at the end of the school day.