Reminder: M.S. & H.S. Student ID Badges Required on All School Buses

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Ensuring student and staff safety is our top priority. We proudly transport thousands of students to and from school safely every day.

Please take a moment to remind your student about our safety policies. We ask all students to be ready, be respectful and be responsible. This means following bus driver instructions and staying seated while the bus is moving. As a reminder, all middle and high school students are required to show their student ID badges to our drivers before boarding our buses.


AURORA PUBLIC SCHOOLS District Policy Code: ECABA Student / Staff Identification Procedures


Middle and high school students are required to wear a school issued photo identification at all times while on district property during school hours.

Sub Note:   As school buses are an extension of the Classroom; All Middle School and High School Students are required to present their I.D to access their assigned School Bus.