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APS Transportation Department
160 Airport Blvd.
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 303-326-1986
Fax: 303-326-1977
Shawn Smith Director of Transportation
Ronda Davis Assistant to The Director
Ext. 28832

Who To Call

 Transportation Organization Chart - 20171020

For after hours emergencies please call APS Security Office at: 303-367-3060

Call the Department's Main # first and then enter the extension:

TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT                              MAIN # 303-326-1986  x28801 or press "0"                                               Fax # 303-326-1977

  • Report a special needs child not riding today, have questions about bus arrival times, or have questions concerning buses arriving at a school for a field trip please call:
  • Lost or misplaced personal items left on bus:

Dispatcher & Activity/Athletic Schedulers    

Stephanie Gass x28812

Caity Hutchinson x28862


  • Questions about Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) certification and testing please call:
  • For more (MFSAB) information view Trip Info. tab at top of page.
  • Please fax Motor Vehicle Record to Risk Management.

Trainer, Transportation  

Sue Gordon (Lead Trainer) x28805

Ron Lopez x28835

Tim Ingbretson x28863

  • Questions regarding Bus Drivers &/or Paraprofessionals, please call the appropriate Supervisor:

General Education (100 #) Routes

Peter Hallez PM Supervisor  x28830

Janet Ulrich AM Supervisor x28807

  • Questions regarding setting up a Field Trip or Multi-Function School Activity Bus (MFSAB) use:

Dispatcher & Activity/Athletic Scheduler    

Stephanie Gass x28812

Caity Hutchinson x28862

  • For information regarding transportation scheduling and routes including phone and address changes, questions on pickup and drop off times, or cancellation of services please call:

Transportation Schedulers

Dan Watkins x28803

Marisela Navarro x28820

Tyson Roemmich x28833

  • To apply be a bus driver or bus paraprofessional please apply online at http://www.aurorak12.org or for further assistance contact:

Training and Safety Coordinator, Transportation   Sue Gordon (Lead Trainer) x28805

  • Concerns about student behavior on the bus
  • Student Management

Team Leaders

Lawrence Hilburn x28804

Betty Freeman  x28817

Candace Harrison x28868

  •  Questions/Comments or concerns regarding Time and Labor/ I.T/ or ZPass

 Data Entry Clerk

Christopher Solis x28834

Betty Freeman

  • Metro CC
  • Arkansas Elementary
  • Century Elementary
  • Dalton Elementary
  • Dartmouth Elementary
  • Iowa Elementary
  • Jewell Elementary
  • Lansing Elementary
  • Peoria Elementary
  • Side creek Elementary
  • Tollgate Elementary
  • Vassar Elementary
  • Virginia Ct Elementary
  • Wheeling Elementary
  • Yale Elementary
  • Aurora Hills Middle School
  • Mrachek Middle School
  • Gateway High School
  • Rangeview High School

Lawrence Hilburn

  • Laredo CDC
  • Laredo Elementary
  • Altura Elementary
  • Aurora Frontier P-8
  • Aurora Quest K-8
  • Clyde Miller Elementary
  • Elkhart Elementary
  • Murphy Creek K-8
  • Sable Elementary
  • Sixth Ave Elementary
  • Vaughn Elementary
  • Vista Peak Exp P-8
  • East Middle School
  • Hinkley High School
  • Vista Peak Prep High School
  • Pickens Tech College
  • William Smith
  • Crossroads

Candace Harrison 


  • Boston K-8
  • Crawford Elementary
  • Edna & John Mosley P-8
  • Fletcher Elementary
  • Fulton Elementary
  • Kenton Elementary
  • Lyn Knoll Elementary
  • Montview Elementary
  • Paris Elementary
  • Park Lane Elementary
  • Columbia Middle School
  • North Middle School
  • South Middle School
  • Aurora Central High School
  • Van Guard West
  • Jamaica CDC












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