APS Transportation Department


The APS Transportation Department provides safe and efficient transportation to the students of Aurora Public Schools.

School Buses are the safest mode of transportationOUR MISSION

We transport students to and from school, to special instructional programs through-out the Denver area and to athletic events through-out Colorado.  We employee over 160 team members in our department and service over 500 vehicles and small engines to meet all of the support functions and operational needs of the school district.


School buses keep 13.7 million cars off the roadWe support our district's mission by providing access to our learning environments and ensure that all students are given equitable opportunities for academic success.  Our expectation is that each student supports a culture based on trust, compassion, mutual respect and integrity while learning the life skill of how to be a safe rider on public transportation.  Our passenger's safety is our top priority!


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Reminder: Student ID Badges Required on All School Buses
Reminder: M.S. & H.S. Student ID Badges Required on All School Buses
Posted 3 months ago

Ensuring student and staff safety is our top priority. We proudly transport thousands of students to and from school safely every day.
Please take a moment to remind your student about our safety policies. We ask all students to be ready,…

Now Hiring Drivers!
Now Hiring Drivers!
Posted 7 months ago

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APS Staff Members! 
Earn a $250 bonus for referring a new bus driver!
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Now Hiring Drivers!
Aging Buses Stop Here!
Aging Buses Stop Here!
Posted 8 months ago

APS in the News: Latest APS budget offers a fiscal fountain of youth for school district’s aging bus fleet
Article by Brandon Johannson of the Aurora Sentinel

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Aging Buses Stop Here!
Zonar Pass Comes to APS
Zonar Pass Comes to APS
Posted 2 years ago

The ZPass Program is a student identification system designed specifically for school bus transportation. The ZPass System uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to provide the APS Transportation Department with information on when, where and what time students get on and…

Zonar Pass Comes to APS